Crushed by an Elevator…Kodi’s Story

Kodi has been personally touched by the need of homecare following her accident on May 19, 2007 when she was crushed by an elevator while holding her four-month-old daughter.  While visiting a town 35 miles east of Limon, CO, the cable broke as Kodi was walking out of the elevator.  Divine intervention landed her baby safely on the floor unharmed.

As the elevator descended, it scalped the left side of her head.  Kodi was pinned against the floor while the elevator had its full weight on her back.  Family was able to lift the elevator just enough to get it off her and she fell eight feet into the elevator shaft.

Family got her out of the elevator shaft and laid her on the floor.  Kodi was awaiting emergency responders at the scene of the accident. Once they arrived, there was a long drive to meet Flight for Life, without any pain relief.

Kodi’s stomach and intestines were in her chest because her diaphragm was torn and had a fist sized hole in it.  She had 6 broken ribs, her lungs were badly punctured, and she had broken her pelvic bone which was protruding from her body.  Kodi’s L2 & L3 vertebrae in her back were shattered, her L1, L4, & L5, plus her tailbone, C1 & C2 were also fractured. She only had 10% of her lung capacity to breath before arriving at the hospital.

The prognosis for Kodi was permanent paralysis and the inability to self-void her bladder without using a catheter. Kodi had a different plan.  With great perseverance, determination, and strong faith, she overcame all obstacles. On August 14, 2007, Kodi not only walked out of the rehabilitation facility but she also had a working bladder. In the following few years, Kodi experienced the death of her sister from cancer and a major surgery for her son.  Through these experiences, Kodi became passionate about caring for others.

Together, they want to leave a legacy of helping others.

Kodi and Mike knew they wanted to create a business to help others, and from there, Pristine Care at Home was born.

Our Mission Statement

“The mission statement of our Agency, Pristine Care at Home, is dedicated to providing quality personal care in each client’s home, ensuring compassion, comfort, dignity, justice, and excellence; with the utmost respect of all our multi-cultural clients and their families by creating a team of caring professionals. We believe in creating strong partnerships with our client’s, their families, case managers, discharge planners, and the community.”

Core Values


Wherever You Are ~ Our Care Comes to You

Pristine is proud to serve the counties of Arapahoe, Adams, Boulder, Denver, Broomfield, Douglas, Elbert, Jefferson, Larimer, and Weld.

Pristine was recognized as the 2018 ‘Employer of Choice’ in Non-Medical Home Care. Each month 10% our clients and caregivers are randomly surveyed by a third party.  Pristine consistently scores above national average and above 90% satisfaction, categorically, since our start of business in 2017.

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